Last Night
Category Romantic , Drama
Year: 2010
Time: 90 minutes
Production: Nick Wechsler Productions
Director: Massy Tadjedin
Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet
Contributed by Arun Ravi
Contributor's Score 7/10 - pretty simple movie, with no twists, no biggies, just plain and going
Tag-line Temptation can lead anywhere.

The movie magnifies the subject of infidelity through a couple, supposedly happily married, but when faced with a situation of doubt, troubled to the extent of opening and exploring the option of infidelity (conscious or not) before choosing to close it permanently.

Joanna Reed by Keira Knightly and Michael Reed by Sam Worthington are the mainstay characters in the plot, with Laura (Eva Mendes) and Alex (Guillaume Canet) being the instruments of the subject of temptation of infidelity, thus portrayed.

So, how does it end?

The story ends with Michael, who just succumbed to his emotions the previous night and did the one thing he thought he never wanted to do(infidelity), dropping short his business schedule to return to his wife, who at the other end is confused and lost over the recent happenings.

Michael reaches home early to find Joanna crying by the window sill; Joanna wonders why Michael returned earlier than scheduled, when especially his presentation was supposed to be that day. They apologize to each other for their fight earlier, and Michael proposes to make a start towards a better day with a great lunch. As Joanna accepts to this, the dog barks out loud for a walk outside, Michael proposes to take the dog out.

Joanna steps out of the window sill to make her way towards the bedroom when Michael grabs hold of her, asking her if everything was alright, hugs her with an 'I Love You' but notices a couple of things - the shoes she wore the previous night, and the make up on her face. The film cuts to black with an expression from Joanna such as to escape the situation of being confronted.


AR - "The ending leaves a lot to the viewer, but few things seem quite evident. The one thing that I thought was sure thing - both of them suspect things were not quite the usual with the other, yet were quite determined to help ease the situation by trying to be normal and more importantly, to hide their instances of infidelity (or degrees of it).

The plot is more about how a situation of infidelity develops in a marriage rather than how infidelity affects a marriage."

3.13/10 ( 276 Votes )
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